Monday, November 22, 2010

10 things I love

1.This crocheted vespa is so cute! I don't crochet very well,but her Etsy store also sells
patterns to create your own vespa, retro VW bug and camper van.

2. I love foreign candy. Image via Andrea Singarella

3. I love Venetian mirrors

4. I love vintage sunglasses(I tend to go for big ol' sunglasses even though hubby told me recently that he prefers me in small sunglasses. lol.)

5. I love this image. (How cool are Polaroids?! Especially in a heart shape? So sweet!)

6. I don't wear orange or yellow,but I still love this bag

7.These shoes

8.I think this site is such a cool idea! I love the free shipping!

9.I would probably be too scared of looking weird to actually ride this bike,but it looks cool!

10. I love this scarf!

It can be worn as a shawl too!! So darling!

find the tutorial to make this scarf/shawl here.


  1. The cutest little Vespa ever!

    And my mouth is watering for those candies....too many of those and I wouldn't be able to even think about wearing that sweet little shawl/scarf!

  2. I too love foreign candies and treats. I love the way they look on a gorgeous plate in my home. beautiful items you picked!!

  3. The scarf is to die for! I love summery scarves and wraps. And the heart polaroids, what a wonderful thing to wake up to.

  4. The vespa!
    The polaroids!
    The vintage shades!

    = LOVE. xxx