Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1. How adorable are these shoes?! I adore polka dots. I adore black. I adore pink. If I wore this size these shoes would so be mine! Plus they are only $20 bucks!! Cuteness!

2. Speaking of cute shoes.....these shoes are also(sadly) not my size,but I LOVE leopard print. (I even bought a leopard print comforter and pillow shams today. lol. It looks cheesy and over the top Vegas,but I am loving it!)
Anyway....;-) back to the shoes. They are only 10 bucks!!

3. This soft baby pink bag is to die for gorgeous!

4. I REALLY want to try this ice cream!! It sounds way too good to be true!!

It is all natural,low carb,fat free,gluten free,kosher,lactose intolerant friendly and high protein.

I have heard that the chocolate peanut butter flavor is the best and it is only 128 calories a pint. (Yes 128 for a whole pint!! Wow!) The strawberry banana flavor is only 138 calories a pint.

5.I am am loving this adorable tiny guesthouse!! (It belongs to Craig Roberts and you can see more of his Vermont home here)

6.These lace ball lights are darling!

(found via here)

7.I adore pink and aqua together! I think it is my favorite color combo of all time.
This dining room is so beautiful!

(found via here)

8.This owl ring is a locket. Adorable!

9. I believe that it is the little details that take a gift from ok to fabulous. I LOVE wrapping gifts.
You can find lots of ideas for wrapping gifts and lovely packaging here.
I Love their blog too!!

(pic found via here)

10. I love the tiny pops of color on these mittens. The bottoms looks like tiny pennant banners!! Either that or monster teeth. lol. CUTE!

Hope you have a fabulous day!!


  1. Oh what a great post - so much eye candy.
    Love ing the pink polka dot shoes and the pretty lights

  2. I love all of it, but that guest house makes me the happiest.