Monday, November 22, 2010

Halligan Norris and Adam Smith wedding

I just love Halligan Norris(How cute is her name??!) and Adam Smith's wedding!!
So charming and unique!!
They are such a cool couple and you can just tell they are totally in love.

I love the shirt she wore at their wedding rehearsal.

The wedding was in Brooklet,Georgia. I have always wanted to visit the south.

I just love the circus/fairground/southern/fun/relaxed feel to the wedding!

Her red flats are so cute with her short dress

It looks like they all had a blast! That is the way weddings should be. A fun celebration of love. :-)

Love their hair accessories!! DARLING!!

Such a cool idea for a photos!

A kissing booth is such a fabulous idea!

Love the cake and yummy goodies!!

The super sweet and talented(not to mention new Mama :-) Jennifer Murphy made the fabulous topper! :-)

(All pics from here and here.)

Have a fabulous day!! :-)

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  1. Oh this is so lovely! I wish mine had been as fun and whimsical as this one ( I think my husband would never approve such idea though )

    Thanks for sharing!

    and you'r right the kissing booth idea is so cute!