Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(Reposted. This was the barn boys show from 2009)

I meant to post this earlier,but it was my birthday on Wednesday and it has been a pretty busy week. My bday was celebrated over several days with different family and friends so that was nice :-)

Anyway...... I finally took a few pics at the Barn boys show last Saturday. I remembered why I usually don't take pics there...I am usually trying to walk around with my sweet, darling(but active) little boys so that doesn't leave much time for taking pictures. lol.

The weather was GORGEOUS! So pretty!!

Not sure why this pic of the barn is sideways,but hey,that's life :-)

Lots of goodies from Tarte at the show

Love this idea of the photo hammered onto salvedged wood!

After Barn Boys we went to a really darling little vintage show with lots of cheap goodies.
They are just down the road from the Barn boys and they have lots of great vendors at their show. They have their show the same days as Barn boys so I have been to their sale 3 times this summer too.

I didn't take pics of the things for sale at that show ,but I did take a pic of sweet Chelsea Ann and her hubby. Aren't they darling?!

After that we went out to eat and to some stores. So much fun! Chelsea Ann and I gave each other gifts. I adored the things she gave me,but forgot to take a picture.


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