Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laundry room inspiration

Yes,Laundry is a chore that is unending(I could do laundry from the second I woke up to when I go to bed and I would still probably have a pile to do! lol)
However,having a Laundry room like the ones in these pictures would make laundry much more enjoyable! :-)

I like how the washer and dryer are hidden in this laundry room. Love the glass jars on the counter too.

Oh my goodness!! What a cozy little laundry area! It makes you just want to sit in the chair and read while you listen to the dryer running.

Love the red in the room below. The big baskets are really cool too.

(3 pics above via BHG)

Such a fabulous room! Love the colors and patterns.

(via decorology)

I adore all the pretty pastels and florals in Tiffany's room below! So darling!(She is so nice and talented!)

(via here)

(2 pics above via here. They also give a tutorial for the ironing board cover here)

(via here. She has a really cool blog here)

Sadly I am not sure of the sources of the pics below(they have been on my computer for awhile or have found them on blogs that didn't say where they found the pics etc. Please tell me if you know the sources. :-)

I adore the sink in this laundry room! I would adore a table to fold laundry on like that too.

Love the silver appliances in this room!!

Not sure if I like the tile in the room below or not,but it is still a cool room.

I am not a doll person,but how cool is this Doll house?!

The blue looks great on these shelves. Makes everything stand out :-)

This area looks like a craft/laundry area. Love it! I have some of my craft stuff above the washer and dryer,but it doesn't look this good! (yet :-)

Love the ironing board below. It comes out of a drawer! That wire basket is awesome too!

I found some great tips for Laundry rooms here.

Hope you have a fabulous day!!


  1. Hi Britt, Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit! My laundry room doesn't look anything like any of these in your pictures. It is one room that I only do laundry in:) Sometime in the future... I am gonna work in there and make it magazine worthy! Have a blessed day!

  2. These rooms actually make me want to do laundry. Amazing! To answer your question, I'm originally from Savannah, Georgia, but I'm currently living in Seattle.

  3. Wow what great looking laundry rooms. Mine always looks like it has been hit by a bomb!

  4. OOOOOHHHH!!! You have such a pretty blog here.. So many inspirational posts.. I'm with you laundry really is such a chore.. I hate it!!! Those laundry rooms you have posted are amazing... I would love to have any of those rooms in my house.. Anyway, thanks for visiting me.. I'll be back soon..

  5. greetings, britt!

    this post was just what i needed after a day of breaking up brothers-squabbles between my boys. thank you for the eye candy.

    my laundry room is in our basement and while i am completely grateful to have it after years of renting and having to do laundry elsewhere, it is quite dungeon-like! LOL these photos are pretty inspiring!

    i am 43 and live in rhode island


  6. Those are all gorgeous! I've been trying to get motivated to make-over our laundry room - I think this might have just pushed me over the edge :) Thanks for stopping by A Penny Saved and leaving a comment - love your name, BTW!

  7. I'm having major laundry room envy. I covet that first room!

  8. Oh dear sweet laundry rooms!!! Funny how there wasn't one that had clothes all over the floor, a dog bed in the corner and ugly white/chipped paint!! Oh...wait...that's because that's mine and it's SOoooo not worthy of a picture!!! hee hee.
    Thanks for stopping by "Ellis Events" and leaving a comment!!! :)