Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nursery inspiration

Gosh I just ADORE babies!!!
I was looking around and found some darling nursery inspiration.........

These celebrity nurseries are so cute!

Kelly Ripa's

Brooke Shield's

Brooke Burke's

Another nursery of Brooke Burke's( I think she has 4 kids)

Ali Landry's

Jenny's Garth's nursery

Jennifer Lopez's nursery

This circus theme room is cute! Love the stripes and polka dots on the walls!!!

(via here)

Gorgeous chandelier!Fabulous cribs.

(2 pics above via here)

All the rooms below were found via rate my space. I have been on there before of course,but never really spent too much time, but that is going to change because I found a lot of inspiration there!!

I like the harlequin pattern on the walls in the two rooms below

Hot pink and black looks darling together in this room!
Love the framed initial too. I have a white frame just like that.

This rustic nursery is unique and charming.

Not super wild about the things on the wall(hope that doesn't sound mean :-) ,but the changing table is amazing!

I love the look of a tree on the wall in a nursery. I hate that you see them in soooo many nurseries though :-( I still might paint one(or go the decal route) the tree(s) I had in my mind
are two over the crib like in the pic below. I am thinking of maybe having 3d things "hanging" from the branches like birds,butterflies,bird houses etc. Or maybe lots of little frames with pictures of family in it for a "family tree" :-)

I adore the flowers on this tree!! I have a slight addiction to making paper and fabric flowers so decorating a tree would be so fun! :-)

Love the colors in this room. They are the colors we decorating some of the other rooms with though so I am sticking with pastels(which I LOVE) in the nursery.

This mural on the wall is so fabulous!

Love the whole room! I am really wanting to do stripes on the wall.

I was so excited when I saw this room because I want stripes like that with the same kind of cute detailing at the ceiling.

I am a huge fan of the Eiffel Tower (anything French really). Love all the gold,ornate cuteness of this room!

The Mom of this baby's room below bought all the furniture at garage sales,thrift stores etc. and painted it to look so cute. They turned out great!

The Mom that decorated the room below was inspired by Brooke Burke's nursery.
I think it looks just as cute as Brooke's!

Love how organized this room is. The initial and shelves above the crib are very cool.

This room below is sooo darling!! Love it all. Especially the chandelier and the mobile! (which the Mom made from $2 dollar Christmas angel wing ornaments)

(The pics below via here)

The cloud walls are gorgeous! I might paint the ceiling with clouds. (But a lighter blue then in this room) The angel wings on the wall are fabulous too!!

Love all the polka dots!!!

I am a huge fan of white!! Our house was sooooo dark before we started fixing it up. We have painted almost everything in site white(including painting the floor in the living room white!)
We are gradually adding a little color back,but I just adore how white brightens everything and makes it look so much bigger!!

I have never seen blocks of colors on the wall like this before!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I love the one under the blue/white polka dots. The atural/beige and white look fabulous together

  2. you have such a selection here!
    of course, i am a little partial to the twin nurseries you posted. esp. the boy/girl. so hard to do with two different genders! but all the photos are lovely.

    happy weekend!