Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1. I just adore silhouettes! The Gold screen printed one on this moleskin notebook is darling!

2. This huge butterfly headband is so sweet!

3. I love this kitchen! (via the fabulous,but sadly no more Domino mag)

(Our Kitchen is small like the one in the picture. In the magazine they said not to be afraid of dark colors in small rooms. I guess if you paint all the walls and ceilings the same dark color it "blurs the spacial lines and makes the room look bigger" or something like that. We were going to do that in our kitchen,but the walls were already a dark brown(which I have always hated) so instead we are painting everything in the kitchen glossy white. It is not finished yet,but I LOVE how bright and clean everything looks!!! We are using dark colors in the living room though. We are painting the ceiling black with white stripes. It is looking cute!! (It isn't finished yet. We recently decided to redo the whole house from top to bottom so the whole place is halfway done. lol. Crazy I know. ;-)

4.This rose cut black diamond gold ring would be so cool if I had some extra $$$ hanging around :-)

5. Awesome chalkboard and whiteboard decals from here.
They would be so cool to have for leaving little notes for family,grocery lists etc. Then you can just remove it from the wall if you get bored with it.

6. I love this red typewriter! So cool! I love vintage typewriters!! I have a black one that is still in it's original box that my Grandma gave me when I was a little kid. I totally forgot about it until I found it the other day. It still types! I can't wait to put it on a desk and use it when I finish my new craft room!

7. How cool is Kingpoodle??! Fabulous vintage clothes and everything is under $12 bucks!
The Pink shorts below are from the 60's and they are only $5 :-)

8.I adore her awesome tights!!

She gives a tutorial on how to make them here. Beyond cool.

9.Adorable engraved pebble from the British coast made into a super cute necklace!

10. I love super nice and talented Danielle's cute Strawberry Purse!

I hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!! Britt :-)


  1. thx for your sweet comment. luv your blog. that wedding is to die for! makes we want to have another wedding!

  2. thanks for the comment love :)

    I just helped a friend paint a shelf with chalk paint. I love love love the idea. so great.