Monday, November 22, 2010

Chloe Sevigny's New York apartment

I have always loved Chloe Sevigny's quirky style.
Here are some pictures of her New York apartment that were featured in House and Garden magazine.(Sadly the magazine isn't published in the U.S. anymore although versions Of House and Garden are still going strong in the U.K. and South Africa.)

I love the floral print being everywhere in the room. It takes a granny look and makes it funky. Mind you...I like it for HER not sure I would decorate that way ;-)

It is even on top of her vanity table

I love the treillage wallpaper(Imperial trelliage by Kelly Wearstler) used in her entry hall.

I love the wood floor throughout the apartment. It ties all the different looks together.

I really like the simple,classic black and white look in her bathroom.

What is your favorite part of Chloe's apartment? What would you change?


  1. your blog is lovely!!! i love the paintings in her apartment, everywhere! too much wallpaper? have a great weekend!

  2. I love her style and this is absolutely gorgeous..I really miss House and Garden Us, I think the last issue I received had Aerin Lauder on it ( I have no idea if I spelled her first name right)

  3. oh my. that wallpaper reminds me of my parents old house....all of our drapes were the same pattern as the wallpaper....including shower curtains.